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A community initiative in air quality monitoring


Bucket: Air sampling deviceBucket: Air sampling deviceThe Townsville Bucket Brigade was established to organise a grass roots, community based air quality monitoring network. With the threats of Chalco, and the Townsville State Development Area looming, we need to organise, and take action to protect our health and quality of life.

The system works by individuals owning their own air sampling equipment. This consists of a bucket, pump, and sample bag. The samples are collected at various times, and sent off to certified laboratories for analysis.

In Yaloop, WA, this system secured improved government monitoring, and more restrictions on the Alcoa alumina refinery.

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John Boucher, a spokesman for the Townsville Bucket Brigade today expressed the group's concern with the emissions coming from the smokestack at Queensland Nickel. He said  "We were contacted by workers at Yabulu who claimed that this was not a normal event and that they were concerned about what was in it".

Mr Boucher said, " I contacted the Environmental Protection Agency who said that these were normal startup emissions and that the EPA would not be doing any testing. Apparently the EPA will rely on Queensland Nickel to monitor its own emissions and advise the EPA if allowable limits are exceeded."

"The EPA say the smoke is normal particulate matter from Yabulu, but I would like to know what the particles are - mercury, arsenic, cadmiun, lead or whatever else".

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